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With the release of "Video on Demand in Europe", the new Report by ITMedia Consulting,  what a better opportunity to buy the multiclient services? They are essential, easy-to-read tools that help to understand the constantly evolving markets of media, content and broadband video.

The PREMIUM PACKAGE 2018 is available at very favourable conditions and includes:

  • Content Market & Convergence,an in depth analysis of a hot issue which has proved to be a key point in the digital content and broadband video world  (Video on Demand in Europe).
  • Turning Digital,the annual Report by ITMedia Consulting on the evolution of TV in Europe, now at the 16th edition
  • Television Market in Italy, trend and outlook of the TV market in Italy, with forecasts for the next 3 years
  • ITM Research Fortnightly Newsletter
  • Access to ITMedia Consulting Library, free access to ITMedia Consulting’s relevant papers, reports and presentations at international conferences and workshops

All major market players take advantage from our services. 

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