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  • The VoD market in Europe - November 2004
Papers and Researches
  • The role of exclusivity in premium content distribution: economic efficiency and consumer welfare, October 2014
  • Tv and Relevant Markets, December 2012
  • From Talent Industry to Creative Industry: Opportunities and Risks for Content Creators in the Digital Economy - October 2007
  • European Tv Industry @ a Crossroad: Web- Based Vs Broadcaster-Based Future?Market Forcast and Global Trend - September 2007
  • Turning Digital: Horizontal Markets and New Business Models - July 2007
  • The creative Industry: IPTV, User Generated Content and Social Networks - March 2007
  • Digital TV & Broadband. Which Regulation in the Era of Convergence? - June 2006
  • Turning Digital. Towards a Multiplatform Environment - May 2006
  • Talenti, Creatività e Reti: dove ci porta la convergenza? - March 2006
  • New Business Opportunities for the Content Industry from Entry Barriers Removal - November 2004
  • TV Market Evolution and Prospects in a Multichannel Environment – April 2004
  • TV 2.0 - Scenarios of convergence, Roma, 13 December 2013
  • From broadcasting to connected TV, in "Connected TV Conference", Limassol, 25 October 2012.
  • Summing up the main trends in Europe. An overview, in "The Dynamics of Media and Content Industry", Bruxelles 25-26 October 2012.
  • New Revenue Stream Opportunities for the Content Industry in the New Media Market in Europe - July 2004

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