Televisione e mercati rilevanti
Augusto Preta

Keywords Competition Law, European Union, Italian Antitrust Authority, Pay-TV, Telecommunication, European Commission, Relevant Market, Merger Regulation

Preta’s book raises important issues for governments and public authorities when intervening in the TV sector for regulatory or antitrust purposes. It also offers interesting insights and tools to understand the profound changes in the sector, resulting from the digitalization of contents and the convergence with other industries, such as telecommunications and internet.
The starting point – this is one of the merits of the book – is a thorough description and analysis of the sector and its evolution in Europe, and Italy in particular, without falling into an ideological debate. Furthermore, and more interestingly, the sector analysis is performed keeping in mind the perspective of the final viewers, how they respond or adapt to the new contents and services offered by TV operators and new technologies for content distribution. This perspective leads the Author to question whether the criteria established by antitrust practice in order to define relevant TV markets are still appropriate today. It is this perspective that ultimately is the object of Preta’s book.

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Michele Pacillo, Italian Antitrust Review, Issue N. 0 (2013)

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