Openings for Zero Rating

On August 30th, BEREC published its Guidelines to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) on the implementation of net neutrality, including zero rating and special services.

Zero rating is a highly controversial aspect of the internet. On this subject Augusto Preta and Peng Peng provide a cost-benefit analysis published in July on InterMEDIA, the IIC's quarterly journal.

Vi racconto cosa c'è dietro l'accordo Sky-Telecom. Parla Preta

Zero rating (toll-free data) is the practice of internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile operators not charging end users for data usage of specific internet content and applications of content providers through their network. On one hand it may benefit consumers from using the subsidised services, on the other it could be considered anti-competitive and against the net neutrality principle. This article focuses on the cost-benefit analysis of zero rating.

Augusto Preta, Peng Peng, InterMEDIA, July 2016 Vol 44 Issue 2

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