The New ITMedia Consulting Report


Out on May 30th, 2017

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The trend and outlook of the European content market is the subject of the new ITMedia Consulting Report “Video on Demand in Europe: 2017-2020”, this year at its 13th edition.

In a scenario driven by the explosion of mobile and video streaming, the development of the 5G networks will accelerate, creating new conditions for important changes. The big data's impact will be a historical turning point, boosting a radical transformation of consumption into an evolving context marked by the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, where key players in the industry are investing significant resources.

The Report “Video on Demand in Europe: 2017-2020” once again proves to be an indispensable tool for understanding and interpreting, through up-to-date and exclusive data and information, the evolution of the VOD market in Europe and the great innovations in the field of communication and digital media.

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