This year the new ITMedia Consulting Report Il video on demand in Europa: 2015-2018 (June 2015) is focused on the transformation of the content industry produced by the explosion of ultra-broadband services, mobile and video streaming in particular. In this view, video on demand will play a key role representing one of the fastest growing segment in the coming years.

The ITMedia Consulting Report with more than 130 pages and 100 explanatory charts and tables, offers an overview of a phenomenon that is going to shake up the media and communication world.

Why you should read the report: 

  • To have a complete overview of the future of the fastest growing market in Europe, with forecasts up to 2018;
  • To understand the main ongoing trends in the demand for ultra-broadband services;
  • To analyze and understand the evolution of business models and the explosion of video-streaming;
  • For an in-depth description of the on demand services in Europe, with a detailed mapping and an extensive analysis of the competitive context in each country;
  • To know the current value and the forecasts for the next three years (2015-2018) in 17 western European countries, with the distribution of revenues in three macro-categories: subscriptions (SVOD), pay-per-view and sell-through (TVOD) and advertising (AVOD, catch-up TV);
  • To investigate the strategies of the main players;
  • To evaluate Netflix’s impact on the European market
  • To have a complete overview of the market over a three years span, including geographical breakdown and different business models (AVOD, SVOD; TVOD).

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