Founder and CEO

Augusto Preta is an economist and market analyst with experience in the content and digital media. Professor in Media Economics, he has taught in various Italian Universities (Urbino, Sassari, Cattolica di Milano). He is the founder and CEO of ITMedia Consulting. He has an extensive experience in the sector, having worked for around 30 years with international institutions and major players. Among others Canal Plus/Vivendi on the occasion of the Newscorp/Telepiù merger in 2003, Telecom Italia for the analysis of the market 18 (market of broadcasting television networks) and the "National Regulatory Authority" AGCOM as an expert in the investigation on digital terrestrial television (2009) and coordinator of the White Paper on Contents, published by the same Authority in 2011. He has taken part in numerous projects at the European level and attends as a speaker at international conferences. He is a member of the Board of Directors and President of the Italian Chapter of the International Institute of Communications. He has published books, essays, interviews, research in academic journals and sector reviews. He is author of Content Economics (Vita e Pensiero, 2007) and Television and Relevant Markets (Vita e Pensiero, 2012).

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