The XIth edition of ITMedia Consulting's Annual Report

  • The EU and the euro-area economy have been undergoing a protracted downturn. As every sector, TV industry was heavily affected by the severe economic context, and in 2012, TV market revenue showed a modest +0.9% growth
  • As a consequence of the crisis, European net TV advertising revenues decreased by almost 4% in 2012. Pay TV, while slowing down, yet marked a +3.7%
  • There are still strong differences among coutries, due to different regulatory frameworks and market conditions
  • The relationships between broadcasters and new entrants represent a critical element for the development of the market and the outline of strategies for the coming years

Turning Digital, with more than 100 pages and 72 tables and charts, is one of the most authoritative and the broadest report on the TV market and its main trends in Europe

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