Pay TV at a crossroads

The 13th edition of ITMedia Consulting's Annual Report on television and digital contents in Europe

  • Following a slow and long recovery, in 2014 the TV market in Western Europe has grown by 1,6%, reaching € 97 billion.
  • TV advertising has increased more than any other segment, by 2,8%, showing clear signs of recovery. Pay Tv earnings, although representing the main resources in the market, are slowing down barely recording an increase of 0,6%.
  • The unrestrained increase of video content on the internet has facilitated the entrance of new actors and the development of innovative business models.
  • Traditional pay-tv operators must now face the competition of global players in the offer of premium contents via internet, beside the renovated competition of telcos in a growing process of stabilization.
  • Netflix is continuing its international expansion and is now launching its challenge to European broadcasters.

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Turning Digital, now at the 13th edition, with more than 100 pages and 80 tables and charts is among the most authoritative and broadest reports on the TV market and its main trends in Europe.

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