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TV is (also) mobile

10th June 2016

Consumption of video content is rising significantly in Europe, driving the increasing demand for broadband, while transforming and undermining the traditional models of offering. Within this context the mobile is the driver of change promoting the diffusion of more advanced networks (4G-5G), able to satisfy the consumers’ growing expectations through the diffusion of new on-demand services, in multiscreen modality.

The ITMedia Consulting report foresees a trend to overcome the present uncertainty stage, however characterized by a remarkable dynamism, in which different business models are competing and that will not only lead to a substantial increase of revenues, but also to a further consolidation of the financing models, in particular in the form of subscriptions (SVOD).

At a later time, a more relevant share of revenues will be originated by the replacement among different forms of paying offers, as a consequence of a growing price war and a possible consolidation of the sector. This will result within 2019 in significant and disruptive impacts on the European audiovisual industry as a whole, as happened in the past to other segments of the media industry.

The 2016 report by ITMedia Consulting on VOD in Europe, now at its 12th edition, is an essential tool to explore these topics, and understand and analyze the main ongoing trends in the European content market. Out on June 10th.

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