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The Future is (also) mobile

ITMedia Consulting expects the 2016 as the year of the VOD final breakthrough in Western Europe, experiencing the greatest increase in revenues, according to the new report Video on demand in Europe: 2016-2019. The future is (also) mobile. The market will also continue to grow considerably, even if at a lower average annual rate, in the following years,
As a result, ITMedia Consulting estimates the total revenues of the VOD sector in Western Europe
will be of €4,123 billion in 2016, and will reach €6,549 billion  in 2019, with a CAGR of 17%.

In Europe, there is evidence of an intense fragmentation into very different national markets. This peculiar situation that is rather peculiar from anything else in the world: broadband connections, linguistic and cultural barriers, technology gaps, and uneven development and maturity of such markets constitute barriers to what could be a common market for audiovisual content.

A second tier of markets, like the French and German ones, are still new, but reflect an increase in consumer awareness for these new forms of entertainment: the number of subscriptions rapidly increases, and will keep growing in the following years. Among such markets there are most notably Ireland, Austria and Luxembourg.

In a third tier of underdeveloped markets belong countries like Italy, Spain, as well as Greece. SVOD services are new, face strong competition from traditional media, and the consumer usually lacks the culture and the interest into what is often considered too new. By the same token, language barriers also arise in most of these countries.


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