• Following a slow expansion in the economy during 2014, many European countries have continued on the road to recover also in 2015. Within this framework, the European TV market has performed unevenly, due to the deep disparities between the national markets in Europe.
  • Advertising revenues represent the leading force in the TV market and are continuing the positive growth of the last two years.
  • Instead, while still representing the largest slice of the market revenues, pay TV fails to recover, due to the ever increasing competition from online players and their aggressive price policies.
  • In this context, the broadcasters are more consistenly entering the Internet world and developing new ways of supplying their content - as with the skinny bundles - to deal with the threat coming from OTT.
  • Online advertising has become an important source of revenues in the advertising mix. Even the most relevant in some of the biggest countries.

 This and a lot more in the 14th Annual Report by ITMedia Consulting.    In 90 pages with data, tables and charts, the TV market value in Western Europe is analysed as a whole and also divided by revenue sources, audience share, advertising media mix, platforms distribution and multichannel sector. Part two presents thematic focuses on the main and fastest-growing trends.

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