The 15th edition of ITMedia Consulting Annual Report

10 October 2017

  • Following a slow expansion of the economic activity during 2015, many European economies have continued on the road to recover also in 2016. Within this framework, the European TV market has increased even if unevenly across countries, due to the deep disparities between the national markets in Europe.
  • Advertising spending represents the leading force in the TV market and is continuing the positive growth of the last two years. Pay tv, still representing the largest slice of the market revenues, has resumed growing, also thanks to the increasing contribution of on-demand services.
  • New ways of video consupmtion are expanding beyond the single screen and streaming and mobile services represent the main drivers of this change. The growing impact of big data has influenced the tv industry which is experiencing a surprising surge of mergers and acquisitions.
  • In this context online advertising has become a significant resource in the mix of resources connected to advertising, especially through the programmatic ads. Also the live offer (sports in particular) adds up to the bulk of the online programs (films, series) and e-sport has grown into a global scale impact phenomenon.

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