VOD in Europe: available on 5th July 2018

prova copertina

  Reasons to buy it:

  • To catch the full scenario of the more rapidly growing market in Europe, with forecasts up to 2021
  • To understand the ongoing trends regarding the development of mobile, the 5G and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on video content
  • To learn how the business models and the explosion of streaming video are evolving
  • For an accurate description of on demand services in Europe and an in-depth analysis of the competitive context in the main countries
  • To investigate the strategies of the main players e the Telcos’consolidation processes on these markets
  • To know the current value and forecasts for the next three years  (2017-2020) in the 17 countries of Western Europe, also divided by geographical distribution and single business model (SVOD; TVOD).

More than 100 pages, enriched with graphs and tables

For further information read the Table of content

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