Turning Digital: the Future Can't Wait

The 16th edition of ITMedia Consulting Annual Report


The ITMedia Consulting XVI Annual Report "Turning Digital - The Future Can't Wait" provides an in depth insight of the state of television in Europe and the main trends.

In recent years, consolidation through M&As and strategic alliances in TV sector has been heating up. Consolidation basically follows a cyclical pattern, with economic and regulatory conditions speding up or slowing down this phenomenon.

A number of broadcasters have made a strategic shift to content production, generating revenue from international licensing deals and global/local syndication. This has reduced the casualties due to the reduction in advertising revenues and the rising costs of content acquisition and distribution. Investments in original content are dramatically growing also following an international pattern driven by streaming SVOD providers (Amazon, Netflix) and traditional only content providers (majors), entering now the distribution arena going directly to the end user, with an increasing offer of OTT services.

Recent 2018 FIFA football World Cup has long been quoted by the tech industry as a major step in live streaming going global. In this new exciting environment, Blockchain, one of the most innovative and disruptive technologies, and 8K, the "next Big Thing" in television, will represent a catalyst for change also in the broadcasting industry in the years to come.

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