The Italian TV market 2020-2022

The Italian television transformation

The XIV ITMedia Consulting Report
Available from November 26th 2020 

What happened in 2020 is a real tsunami, dramatically accelerating the transformation of the national television industry. If the global health crisis, which has forced people to practice social distancing to minimize the spread of the epidemic, threatens to bring the world economy to its knees, at the same time, never have so many individuals spent so much time confined to the home and this has led to television consumption reaching extraordinary levels.

The phenomenon does not concern only the so-called video on demand services, but also television in general, with a traditional increase in the consumption of TV and video.
Video streaming therefore acts as an engine of change, with the same advertising moving more and more towards online, with new actors and new protagonists grabbing the largest slice of the pie, effectively stealing resources from broadcasters.

Even in pay-TV, where broadband now reaches numbers comparable to those of satellite, accelerating the crisis and the transformation of traditional operators (Sky), the process takes on significant characteristics and increasingly similar to those of Northern Europe and North America.

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