From Platform to Business to the EU Digital Package
How to regulate digital platforms?

ITMedia Position Paper
May 2021

The upcoming “EU Digital Package” is a legislative initiative to regulate online digital platforms, including online marketplaces, social media platforms, search engines, video gaming platforms and other information society services, and internet service providers.

As the first major piece of legislation since the 2000 E-Commerce Directive, it will define how the internet will operate and it will impact internet governance not only in Europe, but globally. In addition to the general rules applicable to all platforms, specific obligations will apply to “very large online platforms” or “gatekeepers”.

The ITMedia Consulting Position Paper From Platform to Business to the EU Digital Package: how to regulate digital platforms? is an essential tool to better understand these important new pieces of legislation that will have a significant impact on our lives and on the economic and social future of our Continent.

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