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Turning Digital - Certainty doesn't live here anymore
The state of television in Europe
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The XIX ITMedia Consulting Annual Report Turning Digital - Certainty doesn't live here anymore, analyzes, as ever, the state of television in Europe and the main trends.

There are many reasons to purchase the Report this year:  

  • To have a full view on the television market in Europe,
  • To know the trends and results of the pay-tv market,
  • To read and interpret the progress of television advertising after the last year's crisis,
  • To analyze how the Big 5 of the European market are reacting to the impacts of the pandemic,
  • For an in-depth analysis of the advertising video on demand (AVOD) market in Europe and on broadcaster video on demand segment (BVOD),
  • To interpret and understand the evolution of the convergence process between television and telecommunications,
  • Because today it is even more convenient.

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