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Video on Demand in Europe 2022-2025 
The Big Gamble

The trend and prospects of the European content market are still at the center of the new ITMedia Consulting Report Video on Demand in Europe: 2022-2025 – The Big Gamble.

The Report analyzes, as every year, the main market trends related to the digital revolution and the explosion of video streaming. All accompanied by forecasts for the next 3 years on the VOD Market in Europe.

In particular, it emerges from the study how the market, which exploded during the pandemic, is showing signs of maturity, from stabilization of subscribers to churn rate growth .

The emblematic example comes from Netflix. The SVOD giant, which seemed to be the undisputed leader, has begun to slow down and lose subscribers, calling its leadership into question.

With more people watching content for more time, the prime-time peak was spread over a longer time and more evenly. Young people, early adopters of SVOD services, shifted to AVOD by increasing their interest in social platforms.

What is more than clear now is that the traditional mean through which live sports was accessed, television, is now being superseded by streaming services.

Given all this, ITMedia Consulting estimates that total VOD revenues in Western Europe will grow much less than in the past, from 25% a year ago to a CAGR of 7% through 2025.

ConsolidationSVOD business model transformationnew consumer habits and the increasing prominence of online advertising to fuel new VOD services as well as the web 3.0 new environment (see metaverso), all these factors, according to ITMedia Consulting, will have a strong impact on the content market of the future, increasing competition among players in order to capture the consumer’s attention, the real big thing and the most challenging target for the years to come.

If the path ahead seems already outlined, winners and losers are currently unknown


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