Consultation on the future of the electronic communications
sector and its infrastructure 

The ITMedia Response on Fair Contribution

In response to the EU Commission consultation, The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure, ITMedia Consulting submitted a paper, written by his founder, Augusto Preta, with the purpose to provide useful insights on Section 4: fair contribution by all digital players.

The paper tackles the issue of “fair contribution” from a different and broader angle than the consultation approach, which focuses primarily on the relationship between two subjects: ISP and CAP. Limiting the issue of ‘fair contribution’ solely to the economic relationship between the two players, operating in separate markets, ignores in our view the wider and more complex reality of the phenomenon, which rather takes on the characteristics of an ecosystem.

In an increasingly interconnected and interrelated world – an ecosystem - what happens in one sphere also has an impact in the other, and therefore, in our case, speaking about “fair contribution” means that we have to consider not only the “upstream” economic relationship between the ISP and the CAP as set out in the consultation, but also the “downstream” economic relationship between the CAP and the consumer as well as the economic relationship among all the three players, ISP, CAP and the consumer (...).


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