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Video on Demand in Europe 2023-2026 
The Game Changers

The trends and perspectives of the European content market are still the focus of the 19th ITMedia Consulting Report Video on Demand in Europe: 2023-2026 - The Game Changers. The Report, that comes out today, analyses, as every year, the market trends related to the digital revolution and the explosion of video streaming. It includes forecasts for the next three years on the VOD market in Europe.

Video streaming is changing its skinas a new model of content consumption emerges: no longer just SVOD, but also AVOD that proposes ad breaks in exchange for content. The migration to advertising-supported forms is strengthening.

That brings also to further changes. The latest has led Netflix to become something very different from the platform that represented the future of television. After changing the audio-visual industry, the content production and the way it is distributed, Netflix is slowly becoming similar to traditional broadcasters.

Gaming is likely to expand faster than any other entertainment category. Its value has already surpassed that of books, music and cinema. It now competes with television to be the largest media business.

Consumers spend more on digital games than on streaming services, such as Netflix, and will soon spend more than on pay- tv. Overall TV revenues are still greater than those for games, but the gap is narrowing. Gamification sees the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game context. The goal is to let the audience be participative and get higher engagement.

As a result of all those factors affecting the development of the video streaming market, ITMedia Consulting estimates the total revenues of the VOD sector in Western Europe will increase from the €21,769 million in 2022 to € 28,966 million in 2026, with a CAGR of 7%.

These will originate mainly from AVOD in its different forms - pure AVOD, hybrid VOD and freemium - which will grow at a CAGR of 13%, accounting for 41% of total VOD revenues by the end of 2026.


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