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results of TV and Internet in October

From the beginning of the year, television viewers have increased by 3.3%. With the exception of August, every month of the year there are increased viewers over the same period last year. In October there is a significant increase in viewers compared with September.

Thematic channels for kids and sports are the most viewed on satellite and digital terrestrial: Boing, confirming its first place also in October, followed by Sky Sports 1 and Disney Channel. Rai4 continues to occupy the first position (and fourth place). Following channels Fox and information.

Good results on the Internet: the users are 700 thousand more than the previous month, reaching 23.6 million. The monthly sessions remain steady at 37 while the page viewed redece(2009 against 2235 in September). Moreover the connection time stands constant, little more than an hour a day (33 hours and 9 minutes).

Positive comparison with October 2008, which shows a +10% of unique users (and October 2008 were 21.5 million), a +25% of time spent online (from 26 hours and a half to 33 hours).

Search engines remain the most visited sites, followed by portals, community, email and video. The highest growth are those news sites (+22% compared to October 2008), community (+20% compared to October 2008) and video / movies (+22% compared to October 2008).

Finally, users who connect to the Internet via mobile are 7.4 million. Nearly all users (7.3 million) visiting the general portal, 4.4 million ( 60%) visit the search engines, 3.3 million (44%) use mobile internet to check email, 2.7 million (about 1 / 3 of total) operate on news sites, while 2 million people use it for recreation (social networks, weather, music, sports etc..).

Article excerpt from Media Monthly Report for November 2009

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