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media data in March

In March. there was a growth in a number of TV viewers in average per day compared to the same period of 2008, however, at a slower pace than in February when viewings of RAI were dominating. In March, by contrast, Mediaset overtook RAI by bringing up its share and all-day viewings early-evening viewing indicators. The results from RAI’s thematic networks offered via satellite and digital terrestrial, as well as kids’ channels are positive. Overall, Mediaset has added up 40.4% of share on average, whereas RAI and satellite networks succeeded in totalling up 39.9% and satellite networks respectively, LA7 3.1% and other terrestrial channels having 6.5%.

Radio listening also shows a growing trend, however, not such a good one as it used to in the previous years.
In March, there were 22 millions of internet users, an indicator which, despite of having been unaltered since the beginning of the year, is decisively gaining momentum.

The time spent on navigation varies from 21 to 29 hours per month on individual basis.

There have been registered on average 36 connections per person (which were 30 one year ago) and 84 web sites (70 in March 2008). Among the most popular web sites are search engines, followed by portals, whereas online communities are absolute leaders in growth rates.
Eventually, reading indicators of Audipress report a rise of 2.1% of periodical reading and 23.2 millions of readers on day average, mainly due to free press. Periodical readings are slightly down, but still coherent with statistics of 2007.

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