Agcom has appointed Augusto Preta

as an expert in an investigation on content market

By del. n. 626/08/CONS, the Italian Authority for Communications has started a new investigation on content in the electronic communications market.

Augusto Preta, director of ITMedia Consulting and professor of Media Economics at the University of Sassari, has been appointed as an expert on the electronic communications market and the media industry. This is a prestigious appointment, as the importance of content is a major theme in the development of the communications market and the final paper will be a milestone document for regulators and media operators.

The investigation concerns the market structure and its supply chain, business models, the policy of exclusive rights, copyrights, the possible development of supply and demand, competition among platforms, growth of competition and pluralism, the guarantee of content access and net neutrality, the benefits to end users and forecasts about cultural, economic and social development.

Operators have 60 days starting from 11/12/2008 to send papers and opinions regarding the investigation to the Authority.

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