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IPTV, User Generated Content and Social Networks

The new report by ITMedia Consulting available from February 26

Thanks to the convergence phenomenon and to continuous improvement in broadband coverage and capacity, all types of media content are now available through converged providers in triple-and quad-play services: TV, films, email, sport and the internet are available through one portal, often on many devices, even when on the move.

Convergence of media platforms and active attitude of consumer for content are leading to the personal media revolution, based on disintermediation of the value chain, where people are both editors and consumers. This is the creative industry

On the other side, other broadband content, such as IPTV, contribute to this process. IPTV’s weight is to grow significantly in the coming year, so that by 2010 ITMedia Consulting expects it will represent 12% of the pay TV market, exceeding €2.6 billion.

In the IPTV model, the on Demand component will grow faster than the classical pay TV model , that is premium tier. In 2010 the former will exceed the premium tier. Also Free VOD, that is advertisement supported VOD, will grow at a robust pace, till €320 million in 2010.

User generated content, UGC, the most advanced expression of the creative industry, has even more favourable economic outlooks. The technological discontinuity of the internet favours the success of social broadcasting platforms and social networks, mainly advertising supported.

ITMedia Consulting expects the UGC market will grow faster than the internet and IPTV: by the end of 2010, in Western Europe, it will exceed €2 billion, representing 18% of internet advertising market in Europe, and 35% of user generated content world market.

Growing involvement of mainstream players in such a dynamic environment poses a substantial challenge to the media and entertainment industry. Players feel the risk to be left behind by disintermediation, and only those who integrate better their business model with the new instances from the market, that is user generated content and premium content, will turn the risk into an opportunity and benefit from it.


The new Report by ITMedia Consulting, available from February 26. Dont'miss the chance to know more on the changing world

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