Camanzi, Clarich and Kostoris

join ITMedia Advisory Board

The Company Strengthens to Face the Challenge of Convergence

ITMedia Consulting, the leading research and consulting firm in the field of content and media, internet and TLC convergence, enlarges its scope and welcomes new outstanding skills.

Andrea Camanzi, Marcello Clarich and Fiorella Kostoris join the Advisory Board, ITMedia strategic support. The Advisory Board is chaired by Franco Morganti and is composed of prominent personages, such as Enzo Cheli, Emmanuel Gout, Michele Grillo, Antonio Sassano, Peter Alexiadis, Henri Pigeat.

At the installation, Fiorella Kostoris said: ”I am really willing to cooperate with ITMedia Consulting, along with outstandig collegues like Andrea Camanzi, Marcello Clarich and the whole Advisory Board, in the communications industry, of striking importance in the global economy

Chairman Franco Morganti noticed that “the arrival of these influential persons gives ITMedia the chance to grow even further, by acquiring and consolidating those skills and international relevance which constitute necessary professional resources in a highly competitive sector in the global market”.

“Actually ITMedia Consulting has a strong international inclination – says Augusto Preta, General Manager of ITMedia Consulting – and more than on e third of its turnover comes from abroad, especially France, where the well known and much appreciated manager, Albino Pedroia, has his seat. Thanks to these increased skills, ITMedia Consulting sets itself as a major reference point both for companies in this sector, and for Governments and Regulators, that are to operate in the complicated convergence market. Before the deep changes of business strategies and the ongoing technological discontinuity, è quanto mai necessario che i mercati restino aperti e competitivi in modo da garantire alla industria italiana ed europea di continuare a giocare un ruolo da protagonista sui mercati globali.”

Every year ITMedia Consulting publishes a multi-client research exploring the hot topics in digital communications.
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