The TV market in Italy 2006-2008

Analysis and Perspecitves

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The TV market in Italy 2006-2008:
Analysis and Perspectives
  • In 2005 the Italian TV market reached €7.4 billion. For 2006 we expect a 8.2% growth, thus reaching €8 billion. At the end of 2008 the TV market will be worthy more than €9 billion, recording an average growth by 7.4% yearly.
  • In 2005, 54% of total values was financed by businesses, whiles families accounted for 44%, including licence fee. In 2008 both companies and families will sport the TV market equally by 48%, the remaining revenues coming from wholesale operations among market players.
  • The main resource has been advertising, nearly €4 billion in 2005. Pay TV revenues, € 1 760 million, were higher than licence fee, € 1 480 million. For the coming years we expect pay TV revenues will increase faster than any other resource, thus exceeding € 2 850 million by 2008.
  • Actually, the pay TV market will be the most dynamic segment of the whole market. In this part of the market, satellite will still be the leading platform, but it will lose market share to the advantage of alternative networks, such as DTT, IPTV and mobile TV.
  • The digital TV market is growing: at the end of 2005 it accounted for less than 30% of the whole market, that is €2 billion. By the end of 2006 it will represent 32% and by 2008 39% of total value, that is €3.5 billion.
  • In the digital segment, advertising will be the fastest growing resource, thanks to relaunch of DTT as free multichannel platform. However, the digital TV market will be mostly financed by pay TV services.
  • The new platforms for TV content, that is IPTV and mobile networks, will display the greatest growth rates, although their income will still be a marginal share of total market value.
  • The analogue market is losing weight: it represented 73% of total market value in 2005, but its share will fall till 68% by the end of 2006, and will get till 61% by 2008.
  • In 2005, the main player was Mediaset, with a 36% market share, followed by Rai, 35%, and by Sky Italia, 24%. However, leaving out the licence fee, Sky overcomes Rai, being the second largest player. In 2006 Rai e Mediaset have been losing shares, till 33% and 35% respectively, while Sky is growing, holding 27% of the market.. By 2008 Rai and Mediaset will lose more market shares, to 31% e 33% respecitvely, while Sky will reach 29% of the market.
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