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Starting January 2006, Italmedia Consulting, the company founded and directed by Augusto Preta, changes and consolidates its European target. Today ITMedia Consulting Srl is born, a research and consultant company in the field of new media, digital radio and TV, content and convergence among internet, telecommunications and media. The headquarter is still in Rome, via Collina 24, but the international presence grows stronger, especially in Paris: there Albino Pedroia, former Director of Institutional Relations at Canal+, now ITMedia’s Managing Senior Consultant, will manage the international affairs.

ITMedia Consulting will have the strategic support of an Advisory Board, chaired by Franco Morganti and composed by outstanding national and international members, such as Peter Alexiadis, Enzo Cheli, Emmanuel Gout, Michele Grillo, Jean Claude Paris, Henri Pigeat and Antonio Sassano.

At the installation, Enzo Cheli said that “today there’s not a true access right, yet, that’s why we need a Communications Statute which may fill this constitutional gap, that becomes more evident as digital technology develops”.

Franco Morganti noticed that “convergence between TV and telecommunications opens new challenges and new business models, but not all are doomed to succeed over competitors”.

“In order to answer these urgent questions –says Augusto Preta, General Manager – ITMedia, thanks to the international profile and increased skills, is going to be a reference point both for businesses searching their strategic positioning or dealing with regulatory matters, and for Authorities and lawmakers that will have to rule the boundaries among neighbouring and interdependent industries. As it is shown by the latest developments about sport rights, digital terrestrial television, frequencies and mobile TV, these subjects are at the heart of the future of the communications industry”.

Every year ITMedia Consulting publishes a multi-client research exploring the hot topics in digital communications.
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