ITMedia Consulting's reports at a special price

ITMedia Consulting's multiclient products are essential, easy-to-read tools that help to understand the constantly evolving markets of media, content and broadband video.

Thanks to the experience gained in these fields, over years ITMedia Consulting has developed products matching demands and needs of the market players willing to understand changes and trends in progress.

Besides, ITMedia Consulting's multiclient offer simplifies expensive in-house learning processes and acquisition of knowledge, and represents a benefit in terms of cost reduction. That's why all major market players use our services.

The multiclient products are available for individual purchase or, at even more favourable conditions, within packages.

TheBASIC PACKAGE includes:

  • Turning Digital Annual Report a milestone document, now at the 14th edition, sketching a picture of the DTV market and reporting whatever has happened in the recently ended year
  • Content Market & Convergence Report an in depth analysis of a hot issue which has proved to be a key point in the digital content and broadband video world
  • ITM Research Fortnightly Newsletter (20 issues), focused on Digital TV and the content world


  • Turning Digital Annual Report
  • Content Market & Convergence Report
  • ITM Research Fortnightly Newsletter (20 issues)
  • The Television Market in Italy trend and outlook of the TV market in Italy
  • Access to ITMedia Consulting Library free access to ITMedia Consulting’s relevant papers, reports and presentations at international conferences and workshops

The Multiclient Package is now on offer at a special price for those who subscribe by 6 February 2017

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Ogni anno ITMedia Consulting realizza rapporti di ricerca multi-cliente sui principali temi che caratterizzano il settore della comunicazione digitale
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