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In the next few years Mobile Broadband will be a key driver for ICT as well as media investments.

Market players - content providers, broadcasters, media and internet companies, broadband platforms and telephone operators - will be all involved in such a shift and shall be able to take advantage of the market developments.

IT Media Consulting estimates that by end of 2008 almost 24 million users in Europe will access the internet via mobile phone, generating € 5 billion revenue.


The figure will turn into 51 million users in 2012, with a relevant € 13 billion revenue, thus representing 12% of mobile operators revenue.
  • What will the weight of mobile entertainment services be compared to voice services?
  • How will mobile phone usage change and which strategies can be shaped by the main players?
  • What new opportunities for advertisers?

The answers in the new Report by ITMedia Consulting, "Broadband, Media and Advertising. The Future is Mobile", 50 pages of figures, tables and charts explaining how convergence will boost Mobile Broadband.

Index of content, tables and figures

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